Love is complicated but beautiful.

In February we’ll travel through time to forgotten places; cold and silent but alluring. We will walk through gardens in our long gowns, dress in flowing fabrics and forget the borders of fantasy and reality. Nothing is as it seems and nothing stays as it is.

So, will you be my Valentine?

A boy, two girls; a man, two women. A typical love triange or a dark dream? See more in the video ✨

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Idee, Film (Kamera): Diana Ranegger und Kimy Bahian | Film (Edit): Diana Ranegger | Bilder, Text: Diana Ranegger | Hair & Make-up, Assistance: Clarissa Kober | Head Pieces: Evgenia Rieger | Models: Maria Dorner, Karolina HajdinovΓ‘, Christian Zechner | Musik (Film): When I Was Young by Neo Noir feat. Brooke Williams