Due to the minimal theme on our blog we have a super easy, but in it’s simplicity stunningly beautiful DIY for you today. I love pure, raw conrete and fell in love with concrete DIYs a while ago. It’s a material which is super easy to work with and looks amazing in every shape. As an easy first try I’ll show you how to make yourself a minimalistic concrete planter.

You need:

*pretty fine concrete
*a big, round vessel, out of plastic (here: Champagner-tub)
*a small, round vessel, out of platic (here: yoghurt cup, 1 liter)
*something heavy

How to do it:

1.) Mix your conrete. How much mass you need depends on how thick and how big your planter should be, just trust your feeling. If you mix to much you can always make a second planter ;)
2.) Pour the conrete into the big vessel.
3.) Let it rest for about five minutes.
4.) Now, take the smaller vessel and press it into the conrete. Take a heavy object and put it into the vessel, so everything stays in place. You can see how it should look like on the pictures above.
5.) Let the conrete rest, for at least 24 hours. Maybe a little bit longer, maybe not as long as this, depends on the conrete you used.
6.) As soon as your concrete is ready you can normally simply take it out of the big vessel. Cut away the rest of the yoghurt cup, and voila, your concrete planter is ready! :)
Idea, Text, Photos: Clarissa Kober